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AClass Academy of English
St. Catherine's High School,
11, Suffolk Road, Pembroke, PBK 1901, Malta - Europe
+356 21 374 588

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General & Intensive English Courses

from €140

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Our English language Foundation Programme runs all year, we are able to offer English for young learners from the ages of 5 - 14 within our specialised programme, preparing students for entry into mainstream schools in Malta. How do we do this? Our teachers are invested in student's learning, interested in their progress, and support them every step of the way in their success based learning. We are a student centered school, we offer lessons which are content based - not just language based - this motivates students in their learning - we teach English for Mathematics, English for Science, English for Art, Physical Education in English and other specific content based programmes.




from €165

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We offer General English for Young Learners who need to improve their overall English level and ability. Our programme has a flexible entry system and lessons may be taken at the same time as the parents, for a perfect family package, if required. All our teachers are experienced and qualified in ELT methodology, they work hard to ensure students expand their vocabulary base and have plenty of speaking activities.

Students study reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in the lessons with age appropriate materials, while consolidating grammar through resources suitable for younger learners.

Courses start every Monday!

All course materials are included, students are placed in age appropriate groups

Classes typically run from 8.00 - 1.30 p.m.

Maximum 15 students per class




from €135

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Every year AClass Academy brings together young, international students together from all around the world within a safe, welcoming school environment to develop their English language skills and form new friendships. This course is specifically designed for students between the ages of 11-17 and includes 20 morning lessons (15 hours) per week of General English with students of a similar level. We firmly believe that teachers who care about their students' progress are motivational, and we actively encourage students to work together using a task-based approach to learning. We are proud of having a great nationality mix in our groups, as well as the fact that our teachers design interesting, interactive materials which encourage learning through doing! All our classrooms are bright, and air-conditioned, teachers are equipped with age-appropriate materials and resources for teenage learners. Caring and experienced teachers ensure you have plenty of time for all four skills including; Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading. Key strategies include pair work and group tasks designed to increase fluency through communication in English.

Classes start every Monday!

Levels:  Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced. 

All course materials are included and classes typically run between 9.00 a.m. - 12.30 p.m. all year.

Maximum 15 students per class. Contact us for group bookings and great offers !



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Do you need to brush up on your English speaking skills? This course has been created in response to students' requests for a conversation based language class. Speaking Extra includes 20 lessons of General English + 10 lessons of Speaking Activities;  the overall aim of the course is fluency in the English language. Classes start every Monday - all year round Levels: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced. All course materials are included! This course is not suitable for Beginners. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.




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One-to-one General English is an ideal way for you to improve your overall level in a short period of time, this course makes you the focus of the lesson and can be tailored to your specific needs. Together with your teacher you will choose which areas of the language to work on, targeting key areas of weakness to develop a tailor-made program. For example, you might require extra fluency practice, some practical writing tips in English or need to expand your vocabulary based on a specific topic.  On arrival you will meet our academic staff at the school who will be happy to assess your needs prior to starting the course.

One-to-One lessons may be booked in blocks of 10,15,20 or 30  lessons per week

Classes start every Monday

Check your level now with our online placement test !

All levels are available

All course materials are included

International Foundation (Academic Preparation)

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Join our International Foundation Progamme and learn English in a fun and safe environment!

Our centre offers an Academic English course to prepare students for entry into local mainstream education on the island. The programme is taught by ELT professionals, and we offer a flexible entry into this course with three terms for a maximum of one full academic year of tuition. Please see our flyer for further details.  

English for Au Pairs

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Are you looking for a way to experience the local culture, stay with a family on the island and improve your English? We have a limited number of families who are looking to host an Au Pair within their own home. Terms and conditions include a minimum number of English Lessons at our school. In our classes, our au pairs have as much fun learning as we have teaching. To achieve this, we make sure our lessons are well planned, creative and dynamic. You will meet other International Students, and be able to book additional Cultural Activities during your stay. The lessons concentrate on General English, improving your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. We also prepare you for IELTS or Cambridge University FCE examinations, if you wish to go down this route. We have classes for different levels of English – Lower Intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced. No matter what level of English you have you will improve greatly. When you first attend AClass Academy, we will conduct an interview, followed by a test to determine your level of English. Lessons will be timetabled according to the levels of the au pairs. Contact us for all the terms and information on or via this site !

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